provides the opportunity to small business, entrepreneurs and
artists to tell their story, show their products, advertise their services.

We adhere to a strict standard and moral integrity regarding the contents
of this website and reserve the right to reject any person, business, or
organization that is not willing to play by our rules.   member benefit
Members who have their pages designed by will be
carried on this website and listed by category and alphabet.
If you have a business  or Service, yet you do not have any inter-net
presence, provides an inexpensive way of getting things started.
You do not have to buy a "domain" name, pay monthly fees, learn to design
a web-page or pay a lot of money to somebody else to do it.
You send us your information and pictures via e-mail and we can have a
page up and running in short time.
Your Internet address will be
"" which you can
proudly display on your business card, letterheads, and other advertising.  
You will be charged by the year for the all-inclusive service and can renew
as many times as you want.

I reserve the right to provide this service free of charge when I feel like it.
(because I can)
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