Tim Prock was born in Florence,
Arizona the youngest of  four sons.

His family relocated to Oklahoma
when he was around five years of

It was there he began a journey that
was eventually to lead him to the
prison system and over twenty-five
years of incarceration.

His story is one of turmoil and
triumph and a testimony that people
can make positive changes in their

While in prison Tim was introduced
to a talent he did not know he

He found he could draw. Not just
draw, but draw good and he learned
to paint.

He could reproduce people’s images,
things he saw, and most amazingly
of all, things he envisioned.

When he picked up the brush and
applied paint to the canvas he
transited to another world.   

It was this revelation that led to his
becoming an ”Escape Artist”.

He could escape the violence and
negativity of the prison environment
every time he picked up his brush.

For the first time in his life he had
control over something that no one
else could control.

He had control over what he chose
to create.

As time went on his art drew
positive people and experiences to
his life.

It was his art that eventually led to
his release from prison.

Today he lives in the country outside
of LaCygne, Kansas with his wife of
twenty-one years and his two cats,
Lacy and Cricket.

In the sixteen years since his release
he had expanded his art to include
wood sculpting and is ever open to
new avenues of creation.

While incarcerated he sold paintings
that eventually found their way to
over ten states and two foreign

Tim continues to market his art
through original paintings, prints,
and giclee’ prints.  
  • Tim Prock
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Panning for Gold
Size 30 x 44
Airbrush on Plywood
Birth of the O.M.
Size 29.5 x 40
Oil on Plywood
Going Visiting
Size 40 x 30
Oil on Plywood
Size 18 x 24
Oil on Canvas
Size 18 x 24
Pen & Ink on Paper
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